Monday, August 16, 2010


Christmas Notes: Kenosis- Christ Self-Emptying
(Philippians 2:6-11) 2009
Acrylic on Canvas
This painting is to be viewed with a mirror because the symbol of the perfectly propotioned Vitruvian Man and the biblical texts are drawn and written in reverse order after the manner of Leonardo da Vincci. A golden veil from above gradually envelops the rainbow background in fulfillment of the Noahic Covenant – its spectrum likewis encircling in witness to the perfect GOD-MAN as CHRIST emptied HIMSELF for humanity.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Paradise Lost 2008
Acrylic on Canvas
A wishful prayer........

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travelling Notes

Bryn Mawr Old Railway Station
Abandoned old railway stations always reminded me of a Malay man whom I befriended in my early teen. When he was off duty, we would chat for hours about everything but the best moments was listening to him playing the accordian.

Travelling Notes

Plain of Jars

Xiang Khouang- Phonsavan,Laos
Located in the remote region of Northern Laos this plain contained hundreds of stone-shaped jars or urns. Many of these are over two meters tall. Unfortunately many were destroyed by aerial bombing during the conflagration of the Vietnam War era. Huge bomb craters littered the plain and one must be careful to tread only along paths marked as safe from UXO [unexploded ordnance] by the MAG bomb disposable teams. The pains of those wounded or killed by UXO on this unique historic plain left an indelible impression on me.

Travelling Notes

Tiger-Man Yok Yai
Immortalized for killing a tiger with a blow-pipe[belau]in self-defence.

Bahau's Cross-Kg.Sempoh,Perak

[Private Collection]

Matthew Gospel 3:12
Pangkor Island-Malaysia
Returning after over 20years and discovering that the tranquil mood belies the under-current of racial polarization once absent.

Aki [Grandpa]Kiru
One sleepless night my aboriginal friend Aki Kiru tried remembering his children. After much recounting the correct figures : six sons, eight daughters and 39 grandchildren. People power to the affable OA community!

Papan -Perak,Malaysia
Papan is now a pale shadow of her glory days as a thriving Chinese Miner Town. It contributed to the economic strength of the then British Malaya. Dr.SunYat Sen visited Papan twice to raise fund for his ''China Mission.'

Durians! Oh Durians!-Perak, Malaysia

I-Dignity Art Exhibition USA


I wanted this painting to speak of the dignity of honest living. The durian fruiting season is important for the aborigines as it is one of their chief source of income. Aptly crowned as the 'King of Malaysian Fruits' the ripen durians drop during the night and early dawn and must be collected for freshness. It is not uncommon for the whole family to camp in the orchard to deter troops of playful macaque monkeys from plucking the fruits.

Travelling Notes

Welcome(Pasok) Bataan Philippines
I-Dignity Art Exhibition USA
The resourcefulness and creativity of the poor always amaze me. This goes to show how little we need to make one feel welcome.
Kullu Valley,N.India

Shimla, N.W.India.
Oh the unforgettable air and fragrance of Shimla!..and friendship savored.

Dohnavur - S.India
Surprised by joy! Breakfast [chapatti and dal gravy] was brought by two smiling elderly aunties. Years ago Amy Carmichael found them outside her doorstep stark naked with their umbilical cords still attached. Thanks Amy for your ministry. Soli Deo Gloria!!

Pulau Bersar, Off Malacca 1985
One of my favorite hideout. A scent of the Parameswarian is definitely in the air.

Travelling Notes

Winter Meal Kullu Valley, N. India
IEM missionary couple P Vethanayagam & Arul Janaki preparing a welcome meal. Ah the joy of eternal friendship…how to forget?

Train Journey-Delhi Bound

Venezia 1994

The Vietnam Veteran Memorial 1956-1968
58195 mortals remembered. A family remembering their fallen kin..a poignant moment …moved me to tears. Thanks Maya Lin for designing this place for the living.

Generations-Deuk Risap -Perak, Malaysia